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Hillebrand links to a group of artists who show a renewed interest in the art of the 19th century which depicts the world as individual experiences or dreams.

The irrational personal affectivity towards romanticism as well as the imagination of the fantastic itself are essential values in his work – a reaction to the rational society in which we live. Through his glass sculptures Tomas Hillebrand creates imaginary, utopian worlds, that are connected with the most valuable human quality: hope. The glass artworks almost seem to become objects of meditation. Tomas invites us to use our imagination and fantasy to explore inner beauty.

Current expositions and projects http://tomashillebrand.com/

How long have you lived in Amsterdam?

Tomas was born here, I’ve been here since 2007 and our son Louis was born here in 2014

What do you love to do most together as a family?

 travelling – bike rides in nature, children’s farms, going to the beach – visiting art exhibitions and creative hotspots – exploring our city, discover new restaurants, coffee bars, new creative initiatives – relaxing in our family bed, talking, reading and laughing – cooking with friends

Do you have any family rituals?

We love to cook, Louis sits on the kitchen counter to observe the preparation and to snatch a few vegetable sticks in the processat Easter: we prepare traditional Romanian and Russian Easter dishes and bakeries several days in advance (my dad is Romanian)decorating the house with lots of fresh flowers for any special occasion – On New Years Eve we hold hands and jump from a chair into the new year

What is your favorite destination and why?

Brittany (Bretagne) in France (Finistère) – why? wild nature, place that holds lots of memories for us, raw and unsophisticated, authentic, living and camping outside – Why? live in harmony with nature, let your soul come to rest, freedom – What? fresh fish from the harbor, crepes, cider & Paté

Do you have a photo of Veit and you?

I will look for some

How long have you known each other?

For over 30 years

What is your favorite childhood memory together?

summer vacation together in Brittany (Bretagne) as a child with our parents – Garden parties at the Kohlhoff house – Listening old school German Hip Hop in Veit’s room on the great bunk bed he used to have 

Nina-Oana Constantinescu (1978), visual designer, concept developer and owner of the design studio Super Collective /// audiovisual media studies at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne /// master in fashion, design & strategy, ArtEZ ///  born and raised in an artistic and world traveling family /// involved in several academic projects, talented motivator with teaching skills /// docent for visual communication at ArtEZ Art Academy 

more here: http://supercollective.org/