macarons in Marie Claire 02/15

macarons … not only the delicious meringues but also the german-french label by Veit and Julie Carol Kohlhoff is named like this. Since July 2011 the couple designs exclusive baby- and kids fashion – every single piece is produced in Germany under sustainable conditions. For this reason, macarons was prized as the best children’s wear fashion label by Global Fashion Award of WGSN (trend research in the category of „fashion and design“).

Luna: Congratulations. Did you expect to win the award?

Julie Carol Kohlhoff: Even to be announced finalist, was an honor. Until the last minutes of the ceremony in London we did not believe that such a young label could be awarded. As they declared us being the winner we could not believe it – it was an incredible moment. Especially since we were prized for our first collection.

Luna: What were you honored for?

Julie: For the innovative materials. the production, the sustainable work and the temporary design.

Luna: Did you have any experiences in the fashion branche before macarons?

Julie: I used to work a few years  in a big german company as a product manager for children’s wear. My husband is new to this, due to the fact that he worked as a

Luna: Seems to be going well, right Veit?

Veit Kohlhoff: I love everything that comes along with quality, good design and style. Furthermore I like to create beautiful things, especially in the ecological field. This is once more intensified due to the birth of our daughter Cléo.

Luna: More and more labels tend to produce ecological and fair traded fashion. How do you explain this development?

Veit: Many parents are aware of what their children eat and what they wear. In conclusion more and more labels react to this demand.

Luna: You decided to expand your SS collection 2013 to sizes 122/128. How comes?

Julie: Actually this has been planned from the beginning. However we did not want to rush, but rather take time to understand the demand of children until the age of 6. In addition our daughter Cléo is already 2,5 years old and of course we also want her to be dressed in macarons in the future. (GB)