macarons in MilK cfm 2013

Kerchief by cfm (cécile for macarons)

Behind the small and exclusive accessory collection cfm (cécile for macarons) stands the collaboration between macarons and the well-known knit artist and designer Cécile Feilchenfeldt.


The Swiss-born and studied textile designer creates the fine, specially knitted accessory treasures like collars, headbands and bonnets in her atelier in Paris. All these unique pieces are hand-made by the artist herself on her knitting machine exclusively for macarons.

Cécile’s creations are always adapted to children, soft in touch and elastic to fit all sizes. Inspired by yarns and their materiality Cécile selects beautiful natural materials such as fine cotton, soft wool or luxury yarns such as angora and cashmere. Experimenting with new fibers, the development of new colour combinations and her great know-how of various, almost forgotten knitting techniques are her greatest creative pool. In her work you can always find unexpected and playful effects. The cfm line for macarons stands for beautiful, soft accessories that animate and inspire the imagination of children.